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LK Kitchen is a manufacturer of premium kitchen tools.

We are located in Brooklyn, NY.

For our products we use the best materials on the market.

Our team works hard to insure our customers have the greatest
experience with LK Kitchen tools.

We greatly rely on your feedback and constantly look for the ways to
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About Luba Kholov

Here is what our founder has to say:

My relationships with kitchen and cooking were always complicated. Constant dieting in my teens left a deep scar in this area.I was blaming food for every problem I had in life. I’d rather be doing anything else, but cooking. No matter what, you can’t really escape it if you want to be healthy. And when I got married and had a son this story became not only about me.

Tons of research on healthy eating, recipes, kitchen decor and gadgets, cooking courses, movies, conversations with chefs and housewives who were crazy about cooking – everything that could somehow contribute to our relationships. I even thought about going to a specialist who could somehow with hypnosis install love for it into me.

Crazy idea. I know. Didn’t last for long. But what did happen as a result of my ongoing inner fight and, also, my yoga practice, I discovered if you are in a beautiful organized environment using quality kitchen tools, cooking becomes easier. It even becomes enjoyable.

“Small things are the most what matter in life” – my yoga teacher said in one of the classes. And that day it hit me – instead of constantly trying to conquer my big aversion to kitchen I should start by changing small things there. Knife is our main kitchen partner. Mine was always unreliable – dull and ugly. I decided to replace it first. Ordered a new one. It was dull straight from the box. A second knife cracked after several days of using it. I was like “Really?” It looked like everything was against me or I was still doing something wrong.

"If you can’t find a good knife, create your own” – my husband suggested after seeing all of this. And that’s how it all began. I found a factory that could manufacture knives of my design. The first sample they sent me was ok, but didn’t have the sharpness I dreamed about. After several tries and errors, a laser sharp knife with a balanced, beautiful and sturdy wooden handle was created. To keep the knife always sharp, I later got an idea that we should add a sharpener and create a set – knife and sharpener. LK Kitchen was born! I still have a long road to becoming a person who loves cooking, but every time I use this knife, it inspires me to keep moving.

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