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Let’s admit it, cooking can get messy, too messy at times! Despite our best intentions, our kitchens by some act of nature, always end up looking like a warzone, a theme that has been greatly covered in (comedy) movies. So it stands to reason that learning how to organize a kitchen properly should be number on someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen’s list.

Now, organization is a hotly discussed theme and there’s enough material out there to last a lifetime. But, here are some tips from real chefs on how they manage their hectic schedules and crank out quality food day in and day out!

Group your food foodwise

This may seem like a no-brainer at first, but, the real “recommendation” if you will, is to ensure that the following suggestions happen everyday.

Put like with like; as in putting all of the pasta in one place and stacking cans of veggies together. Corral containers too by keeping all the lids in the same bin, then stack containers. -Anh Luu

When you are out shopping for containers, it’s easy to just grab what you first sight and shove as much as you can in it. Instead, having a system that uses certain container sizes for a type of item will help you to organize your kitchen affairs better. You can use sets of pint, half pint and quarter containers to organize your shelf and fridge space better. -Jenny Dorsey, co-founder and chef, I Forgot It’s Wednesday, New York City.

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Cut Food Over the Sink
Get a cutting board that can fit over your sink. Many a times, you will have to rinse your food items once you are done cutting them. Over the sink cutting boards are ideal for every kitchen as you can wash the foodstuff just as it is being cut. There are plenty of cutting boards that are designed to be fit on top of sinks so that you can multitask those long cut and wash procedures. Not only can you save a lot of time, but save a lot of mess in the process.
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Use Your Under Sink Cabinet as a Storage Space
Part of organizing your kitchen means making the most of the little space that you have. Create this pocket organizer with the instructions given here (or have someone else make it for you). You can also just buy a pocket organizer and install it under the sink.
Repurpose Old Magazine Holders as Aluminium Foil Holders
An excellent way to employ old magazine holders that you might have lying around. Since these are just about the right size, they can be easily repurposed to hold much of your kitchen ware. Instructions on how to make these can be found here.
It goes without saying that you are only limited by your imagination on how you can use your kitchen space more economically. Try these out and see if they can make your kitchen work easier. Of course, if you have a tip to share, feel free to leave it in the comment section below.


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