LK Kitchen Chefs Knife and Sharpener


LK Kitchen is a manufacturer of premium kitchen tools.
Introducing LK Kitchen Professional 8-inch Chef’s Knife and Sharpener Set – a perfect marriage quality and style.
It is made of high carbon stainless steel which remains corrosion free.
The knife is ideal for various tasks like cutting, chopping, dicing and slicing vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and other products.
It’s graceful look will add a good vibe to a warm cooking atmosphere in your kitchen. The sharpener is included as an extra bonus.

Why You’ll Love It

What pine nuts lack in size, they make up for in big, buttery flavor. They’re a classic addition to pesto, but the possibilities are endless. Toast them in a dry skillet, then add to salads, top crostini, and even enhance dessert. Each serving in our 8-ounce bag delivers some protein and iron, too.
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